The Top Four Decisions All Graduates Have to Make


The education system is like learning to ride a bike. When you approach your final year, you know it’s almost time to take those stabilisers off. As soon as it’s over, they’re off completely and you’ll be riding alone from now on.

It’s daunting.

You go from debating if you can be bothered making a more nutritional dinner than Super Noodles, to actually having to make huge life decisions.

You don’t feel prepared.

So, what are the top four decisions every uni finalist has to make during this time?

What do I actually want to do?

Have you ever gone onto a job board and typed in ‘graduate jobs’? Let’s just say, it doesn’t put you at ease.

There’s SO much out there. It’s information overload!

However, there are jobs out there that you didn’t even know existed; other jobs you may not realise you are suited to.

When asked what you wanted to be when you’re older, a recruiter or salesperson would not have crossed your mind. Even when people graduate, it’s often not a clear career choice.  

This is why you need to take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture. There are options out there, and you’re definitely perfect for one of them.

Should I follow my friends?

The idea of leaving the amazing friendships and social life you’ve built can be unimaginable. After at least three years of building relationships, why would you let that go?

It’s tempting to stay with your friends, even if they stay in your uni town doing jobs that don’t interest you.

The big world of work seems like the polar opposite of your uni life.

It’s rarely thought that there’s great camaraderie and banter in a ‘grown-up’ job. You’re craving a job with close relationships and good personalities like you’re used to in uni!

Recruitment and sales provide exactly that. It’s a team driven profession that’s based on trust and respect - two key factors in friendship and building relationships.

You’ll never replace your old uni pals, but you’re going to have a great social life with the people you work with.

Where do I live?

Do you move home? Do you leave your uni town? Do you move to London, Manchester or somewhere else in the UK?

Finances play a massive role in this decision.

It’s impossible to survive in the big smoke if you’re doing unpaid internships or at the bottom of the career ladder for years.

It’s not just surviving, too. You want to be living a good lifestyle. How does sleeping in a box-room and being unable to afford drinks with your co-workers after a long week sound? We don’t need to answer that one!

This is where commission-earning graduate roles are amazing, because you’re earning more than most recent graduates from the get-go.

Recruitment and sales are careers that many don’t consider, but they’re careers that enable you to live the good life, now.

You’ll typically make 35k in your first year.

Do I take the leap?

Life is about making the big decisions. We constantly weigh up pros and cons.

Everybody has to make that leap eventually.

However, if you’re bright and driven, you’ll realise the benefits in taking that next big step. Recruitment and sales businesses want those who are ready to make the big calls and work hard to succeed.


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Your stabilisers might be ready to come off, but SW6 help to put you on the right path to success. They guide you through an entire process: from application, to interview, to landing a dream job, to excelling in that career.

With SW6, you can turn to an exciting and rewarding new chapter. You’ll soon embrace post-uni life. For more information about sales and recruitment roles – get in touch with SW6!

Ellie Percival

Ellie is a First Class Law Graduate with a competitive edge. Ellie joined back in 2021 from a legal background and was promoted twice within her first year. As a Senior Recruitment Consultant, Ellie specialises in placing graduates and sales professionals into top-tier and highly reputable recruitment businesses. Having adopted strong and solid interpersonal skills, Ellie overcomes her clientele’s objections and delivers them with results that exceed their expectations. With goals she is adamant on achieving, Ellie is on track to be our first female leader within SW6 Associates.

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