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I feel like this has been the statement of 2019...

Why recruitment? I am money motivated! Why will you be good at recruitment? I am money motivated! What do you know about recruitment? Not much, but I am money motivated!

I get it – the recruitment adverts you see online are full of “uncapped commission, cash bonuses, WE NEED MONEY MOTIVATED INDIVIDUALS”. And yes, as much as all of these things are true, most people I end up speaking to say they are money motivated but have no idea why.

They claim to love money, but have nothing to back this up. They want “nice things,” but what are nice things? What does that even mean?


If you are applying to a recruitment role, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want out of recruitment?
  • What are the top 3 most important things I want out of a career? And how will recruitment help me get there?
  • What motivates me? Why does this motivate me?
  • What am I aiming for? What are my goals?

If you can answer all of these questions in detail, with evidence to back it up, then you are half-way there. Having an idea of what you want out of a career is important. Recruitment isn’t the type of position where you just get a job for a sake of having a job. This role comes with boss incentives and rewards, but you have to be willing to put a hard graft in and make something of yourself in this position. *not for the faint hearted*


Just to give you some clarity, you may also see those misleading adverts online that say you can make £100k in year one. This couldn’t be further from the truth (unless you're a recruitment wizard, if so – big up to yourself, you are one in a million and please can you write a book on how).

Your first year will be the hardest. I have a client who once said “If you don’t think about quitting at least once in your first year, then you are doing it wrong.”


Which I think is true; this recruitment game is as up and down as a yoyo. You will have your highest highs and lowest lows, but it’s all about learning from it. You can make good money in your first year, around £30k-40k, and you can even do more depending on the market and how quick you pick it up. But this is all about the long game; the opportunity to reach six figures in 3-4years!

ALSO, little fun fact, recruitment isn’t all about the dosh, moula, cash monayyy. This industry has incredible progression opportunities; you could reach your first promotion in 3-6 months and start building a team in 3 years (subject to targets etc., but just to give you a cheeky idea)! I have placed a fair amount of individuals who just want to be successful and challenged; who will aim for promotion after promotion, and the money comes secondary or is just a bonus.

Anywho, the point I am making is, if you say you are money motivated, then back that badboy up. Tell us how, tell us why. Are you a foodie who can only eat at the best restaurants? Are you planning to buy multiple properties and start a portfolio? Do you plan to invest your money? If so, where? Are you addicted to rooftop bars? (If so, I am with you and can provide you with a detailed list). Whatever it is that's personal to you, TELL US! Nothing is too big or too small, nothing is wrong or right.


Hope this helps when either one of the lovely SW6 team give you a call, or for any recruitment interviews that come your way. Be detailed and back back back it up.

Yours truly,

The Curly Headed Recruiter


Ellie Percival

Ellie is a First Class Law Graduate with a competitive edge. Ellie joined back in 2021 from a legal background and was promoted twice within her first year. As a Senior Recruitment Consultant, Ellie specialises in placing graduates and sales professionals into top-tier and highly reputable recruitment businesses. Having adopted strong and solid interpersonal skills, Ellie overcomes her clientele’s objections and delivers them with results that exceed their expectations. With goals she is adamant on achieving, Ellie is on track to be our first female leader within SW6 Associates.

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