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The Curly Headed Recruiter: Money Motivation
Why recruitment? I am money motivated! Why will you be good at recruitment? I am money motivated! What do you know about recruitment? Not much, but I am money motivated!
The Curly Headed Recruiter: The Interview
It’s 8:25am... You've just survived your first Central Line tube journey. You're sat in the nearest Pret going over your interview notes about the business. You're repeating them over and over in your head...
The Curly Headed Recruiter: Why Recruitment?
Why recruitment? I find myself pitching this question to candidates day in day out. Naturally, as a rec2rec, you would. Why recruitment? Why this industry? How did you find out about recruitment? And so on and so on...
Katie's Recruitment Journey
Since joining SW6 Associates in May 2016, Katie Alder has gone from strength to strength. Our resident rugby pro is one of our top billers, regularly hitting targets and inspiring others to hit theirs...
Six Traits That Will Make YOU a Top Recruiter
Recruitment isn’t always something that people know much - or anything - about, but it’s actually an incredibly rewarding, lively and lucrative career path...
At SW6 Associates we believe in giving credit where it's due, and hard work doesn't go unnoticed here...
The Top Four Decisions All Graduates Have to Make
The education system is like learning to ride a bike. When you approach your final year, you know it’s almost time to take those stabilisers off. As soon as it’s over, they’re off completely and you’ll be riding alone from now on...
Think Graduation Means Saying Goodbye to your Social Life? Think Again…
Let’s be honest, the last few weeks of your degree were hardly wild. Going out would’ve been a distraction from the mountain of studying more than anything...

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