Six Traits That Will Make YOU a Top Recruiter


Recruitment isn’t always something that people know much - or anything - about, but it’s actually an incredibly rewarding, lively and lucrative career path.

It all depends on the individual, and the qualities you possess. There are so many character traits that will give you the platform to make it as a successful recruiter - there’s really no experience or qualification required!

So, do you reckon you could you make it as a recruiter? Here are the six characteristics which could mean you’re born for the job...

1. Good chat

In other words, strong communication skills. But it goes beyond that - you’ve got to be friendly, human, approachable, and you’ve got to be able to gain a person’s trust.

Recruitment is all about communication. You’ll be talking to candidates, clients and your team members all day, building new relationships and maintaining current ones. A great recruiter is always there to offer a candidate guidance and support, and equally offer the client a reliable service.

This ultimately means that you can build rapport, advise and support people, all at once...

2. Natural salesperson

This one is key.

Are you a naturally convincing and credible person? Ever worked in retail or hospitality? If people listen to you speak and genuinely believe or act upon what you’re saying, then you’re halfway there.

Recruitment is all about making the sale. You’ll be selling the job to a candidate, and selling the candidate to an employer. You’ve also got to be able to sell your own ability to candidates and clients. This means you’ve not only got to know the fine details of both parties well, but you’ve got to be able to argue your case for why it’s a good match.

3. Sociable

If you’re all about having a good time and you’ve got a cracking sense of humour, then recruitment won’t be a disappointment. It’s a lively industry, and the rewards of the job can be huge. Fancy steak and champagne on a Friday night? Or a
weekend trip to Ibiza?

At SW6, for example, hitting the top sales target means a an all-expenses-paid, VIP trip! This year it was Vegas, next year Cancun...sound good to you?

Well, with recruitment, these are real possibilities. It’s all about working hard and celebrating success. You can take things seriously, but you can also take a joke - and you know when both are appropriate.

4. Confidence

It’s helpful stuff. If you hold your head high and ooze enthusiasm, you’re sure of yourself and your abilities as a salesperson, then you’ll go far in the sales game.

In recruitment, a bit of cockiness never did any harm. You’re the type of person that sets themselves challenges and you always have high expectations of yourself - because you know you’re capable of achieving it.

5. Competitive

Did you play sports at school? Love a bit of team strategy? Always trying to beat your personal best?

Those with a competitive streak tend to shine in recruitment. If you’re a go-getter and you play for yourself as much as your team, you’re bound to be a successful recruiter.

It’s all about using the right tactics to find and place talented candidates with the right role. Strong performance will definitely take you places in this industry. Are you up for the challenge?

6. Money-motivated

People don’t always like to admit it, but there’s no shame in saying that money is a huge driver in most people’s lives - and in recruitment, money isn’t short.

As we’ve already shown, the rewards in recruitment are exceptional. You’ll enjoy lavish meals and crazy trips, and maybe even a rolex thrown in if you’re lucky!

Starting a career with SW6, you could be earning £35K in your first year, as well as uncapped bonuses - so when you work hard, you earn hard too.

James Wilson

James comes from a corporate background, working at a multinational broking business before joining SW6 Associates. He joined the company in 2016 whilst undertaking an online degree in Business and Marketing. His knowledge of the cutting-edge research in business and marketing adds value to the company, as he puts his education into practice.

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